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discover history, stories, ideas and inventions

Discover the earliest ways people counted and calculated and then found a way to indicate the important "0".

Learn the stories of the thinkers and inventors whose ideas helped develop computing through the ages.  Find the stories of the heroes of computing including Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace in Victorian times, Tommy Flowers the inventor of Colossus in the Second World War and on through the 20th to the start of the 21st centuries.

Other topics include the contribution made to British computing by Sir Clive Sinclair and the historic firsts in games, sounds, graphics, robotics, computer languages and much more.


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Display at The Micro Museum

The Micro Museum is home to Mike and Carol Deer's unique, personal collection of 100s  of vintage personal computers, calculators, games and micro electronics, collected over more than 4 decades.

At the heart of the collection are displays of computers, games consoles and more from the 1970s and 80s, that important period when rapid technological developments brought computers into our daily lives.

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