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group bookings
(necessary ONLY for days we are not open to the public)

Maximum group size: 25 people. There is a minimum charge of £35 for small groups (5 people or fewer)

Standard admission charges apply to all groups  Adult OR Child £5 (Retrogames play included)


Bookings can be requested during the season

that is Easter - end of September, on any day when the Museum is not open to the general public

Time Slots?  AM (After 10.30hrs. for up to two and a half hours)

                      PM (After 13.00hrs.  for up to two and a half hours)

Payment information

Money due should be paid upon your group's arrival. To avoid delays, we suggest a single person should be responsible for collecting the total amount prior to arrival.



If you need to cancel your confirmed booking, please let us know as soon as possible.

Delays on the day

We do understand that unexpected delays can happen and you might not be able to arrive on time so we will wait for you for half an hour after your booked arrival time.

If you think you are going to be late you can ring us on the day on 07862 495137.


Additional information for Education Visits

IMPORTANT - Please read this guidance

Suggested maximum group size: 20 students with at least 2 adult supervisors.

For the safety of all visitors, please ensure that your students are made aware of the age and historical value of the exhibits. If any student behaves in a way that will damage exhibits or affect other visitors' enjoyment, they will be asked to leave.

Adult supervisors MUST stay with and accept responsibilities for their students at all times to ensure their safety and deal with emergencies.

We have public liability insurance.

NOTE: If you require a risk assessment, please ensure that you arrange to visit the Museum to carry out your assessment BEFORE making your booking.

Contact us to request a booking
Please note your booking is not confirmed until you receive a reply from us

Thanks. We'll get back to you soon.

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