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It's our Anniversary!

10 years ago, at Easter 2014, we opened The Micro Museum in Ramsgate. We were proud to be the first museum in Kent dedicated to vintage home computers, games consoles and related technology.

We'd been collecting since the 1970s, beginning at the time when the technology was developing beyond the scientific, educational and office environments and moving into the home of ordinary people like us.

Our very first home computer was a Sinclair ZX81.

We realised that as the older equipment was being replaced, the earlier devices were going to be lost, packed away and forgotten, or worse, scrapped. Our mission became one of saving as many devices as we could.

During the past decade, we've been delighted to welcome thousands of visitors to our museum from all around the globe, and we're looking forward to meeting you - or saying 'hello again'  - in the near future.

                                                                       Mike and Carol

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